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The heating and Air conditioning systems of your Audi or Volkswagen are part of the Convenience control system which is computer controlled. It maintains comfortable, safe interior temperature in any weather. It is responsible for proper window defogging as well. The A/C components are the compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, any requisite tubes and hoses, and the refrigerant. Your air conditioning system is a closed system which will provide years of reliably service if the system remains leak free. We offer a standard A/C Service which entails recycling any refrigerant in the system, evacuating the system to determine if any major leaks are present, recharging the system with the correct quantity of refrigerant with luminescent dye, and testing the system for performance. If we find either a major leak or that one or more of the components are not functioning properly we will advise you of the problems and the cost to repair it. If the system functions properly there still may be a minor leak which will disclose itself only over time. In this case when you bring the car back we will be able to find the leak with the dye and you will not have to pay for the recharge of the system after effecting repair of the leak.
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