47B Summer Street, Natick, MA 47B Summer Street, Natick, MA


Greg's Repair Service, Complete Automotive Maintenance At Greg’s Repair Service, we provide complete auto repair services for Audis, Volkswagens and other German cars such as Porsches, Mercedes Benzes and BMWs. Typical services include:
  • Recommended Scheduled Factory Maintenance
  • MIL On Diagnosis (Check Enigine Light) - Computer Diagnostics
  • Timing Belt Service
  • Brake Service & ABS Diagnosis
  • HVAC Climate Control Service (A/C & Heating)
  • Suspension Repairs, Tuning, & Front end Alignment
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Tires, Wheel Balancing, Traction Control Issues
  • Drivability Troubleshooting for entire Drive Train
  • Electrical Systems Diagnostics/Repair (Starting, Charging, Ignition, Lighting & Accessories)
We also have towing services available. Call us during business hours at 508-647-9749.
We can handle all of your auto repair needs, including:

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