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Drivability refers to actual symptoms that you experience while driving your Audi or Volkswagen, such as stalling, hesitation, poor idle, etc. We use computer diagnostic tools to scan your ECM for fault codes, test drive you vehicle to experience the symptoms for ourselves, to determine probable causes of the trouble. In effecting repairs we attempt to do so in a cost effective manner. While this manner of repair may require multiple visits to complete, we can, at your option, utilize the more expensive technique of replacing any parts that may effect the operation of the vehicle. This will increase the chances that you will not have to return for more work on the problem. The crux of the matter is that diagnosis of drivability problems may take multiple start/drive cycles to determine whether the repair has been properly effected. The most cost efficient manner of accomplishing this is for you to take your vehicle, put it back into normal service, and report back with your findings.
We can handle all of your auto repair needs, including:

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