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brake services

Proper functioning brakes are critical to the safe functioning of your Audi, Volkswagen or other fine German Car. We inspect brakes by removing the wheel. This is the only way to accurately determine the condition of the brakes. When brake service is called for, we replace the brake pads & brake discs. We service the calipers if they are functioning correctly, cleaning and lubricating all the moving parts. When we reassemble the brakes, we replace lost brake fluid and bleed any air from the system before test driving the car to determine that the repair has been effectively performed. We replace any brake wear sensor that your vehicle may require for brake warning systems to function reliably. The last thing we do is to reset any SIR (Service Indicator Reminder) systems so that any warning lights will be out and ready to function as intended.
We can handle all of your auto repair needs, including:

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