47B Summer Street, Natick, MA 47B Summer Street, Natick, MA

mission statement

It is our policy to attempt determine the actual causes of any problems that you may be experiencing with your Audi or Volkswagen or other German car. We do not like to merely replace any part that might be associated with the problem or, in mechanic's terms, "fire the parts cannon at it". We find our approach to be more cost effective, but may require more than one visit to let the diagnostics play out. If you do not wish to be inconvenienced with multiple visits, please let us know and we can take that into account when we repair your vehicle.

It is our policy, just as your physician gives you a complete check up every time you go for a visit, we go over your vehicle from stem to stern with an eye to inform you of every issue that we find concerning the proper maintenance of the vehicle, as well as our estimate to repair those issues.
We can handle all of your auto repair needs, including:

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